private area is a really delicate zone with a lot of sweat glands. And we all know what happens when we sweat. It means that the skin there is often wet which is a good place for bacteria to grow. Not only, but there can be an unpleasant odor as well.

This is why it is really important to take good care of private parts and to not neglect them. As a woman have a lot of responsibilities and one of them includes taking good care of body.

Stay fresh and clean all day long with a bottle of Nimty feminine wash. Our product is specially formulated for the private parts and the delicate skin there. It is important to keep the area clean, but also hydrated because the skin there is really sensitive. It features a light and fresh scent and it is safe to use daily. Use it every day in the shower.

What is a feminine wash? / Why use one?

A feminine wash is a specially formulated product for women which cleanses the private parts. It has soothing ingredients and great benefits on the skin.

should choose a feminine wash over any soaps or shower gels, because they can be too harsh for the delicate skin on private area.

Why choose (NAME) wash?

Our product’s special formula absorbs moisture and helps prevent unwanted odor. It also soothes the sensitive skin and helps prevent irritation.

Recyclable packaging

The bottle of our product and closure are not only skin friendly, but also recyclable. The closure is very fit which makes it travel friendly as well.


Contains moisture control technology Soothes sensitive skin
Silky formula
Light, fresh scent
Gentle for daily use

About us:

Feminine wash

Light and fresh scent

Comes with balanced formula

Keeps the private area clean and protected

Provides extra moisture

Price: € 17.99


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